Alps‘ Culture: Why should you work with us?

What’s the best thing about working at Alps? Easy. The people.

We could easily claim that we want to work with the new generation of talent to create VFX that surf over the global creative cutting edge thanks to the most advanced technology available for the industry running on our own hardware and render farm, but really, doing well is always better amongst friends.

From a managerial standpoint, we love to let our talent create the career they love. Our people get the opportunity to explore all boundaries of their art, pursuing the most inspiring challenges. This is why we’re always looking for all kinds of people. Roles and experience are important, but these evolve and change quite a bit, quite easily. Who you really are instead, that’s a precious thing for us.

We’re close-knit, curious and creative, driven by the purpose of our work and energized by the joy we get from supporting each other. We make building awesome stuff look effortless, because we do have ”that guy” who will know how to help you sort out your troubles (yeah well, we do sometimes have troubles – if you find the studio which hasn’t any, please tell us and we’ll apply!): stalled machines – render errors – priority or assignment doubts, vacation requests, disappearing reduce noise licenses, information about your contract… – whatever your question, people are available and there for you.

We keep things transparent. Always. We’re worried about a client request or a deadline? You know it, from the very beginning. We have a bit more time to spend on a little internal RnD project? You know it. We update the credit list of our projects on IMDB and we never forget anyone.

We go with the flow on the same boat. Our supervisors give constant feedback and you’re never really alone on your tasks – not to control you, but sharing is what we do. We manage the workload and when things change (as they always do) we reshuffle priorities and assignments before they become an issue.

We are a fast-growing company, and our projects are becoming more and more attractive and high profile. We can give you good shots, guys.

We foster inclusion and shared knowledge: each Monday morning, we have an in-house meeting featuring coffee and glorious croissants, during which the production team gives all artists a visual overview of the status of our tasks on all projects, whether you’re working on them or not; right after, each and every artist gets a structured recap to organize the week’s work. Translated: Shotgrid is your master, the production team is your mate.

Our HQ is located in central Turin; we offer a kitchen/break room with unlimited free coffee, fruit and snacks at your disposal.

And when the day is wrapped, well, see below!

Why should you work in Turin, Italy?

Why Italy? We’ll just leave a few pictures here:

But seriously, as the eurozone’s third-largest economy, Italy offers a great quality of life with it’s world famous cuisine and impressive cultural heritage.

Why wouldn’t you want to live la dolce vita every day and not just on vacation.

Amongst other benefits, Italy offers:

  • government-funded healthcare
  • plenty of paid vacation days (and we sure love our national holidays over here, so expect a few long weekends)
  • an abundance of amazing vacation destinations at an arm’s reach
  • a friendly and family oriented culture that offers parental leave, government funded child care and flexible hours for parents
  • and did we mention the food? Who doesn’t love pizza, pasta, tiramisu?!….we could go on, but it would just make us hungry

Our city, Turin, offers:

  • beautiful historical sites, that you may already have seen without even knowing about it. Turin is a popular filming location for Hollywood projects
  • a big international scene with events specifically aimed at english-speaking expats
  • more restaurants and cafés than we can count
  • plenty of beautiful parks to explore on a sunny day
  • gorgeous mountain lakes to take a dip on a warm summer day
  • an excellent geographical position, close to the mountains, close to the seaside, well connected to other major european cities

Need we say more? In case you’re not conviced yet, here’s another picture of the food: