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2d & 3d Animations

Alps Animation is the Alps Studios division that focuses on animating 2D and 3D projects.

We work using different techniques and workflows and can provide animation for Animated Series, Animated Films, Commercials and Music Videos.
We can provide a variety of styles, from classic hand-drown cartoons, to more modern and dynamic CG approaches.

what we offer

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Our services cover all the stages of the project, from the initial planning to the finishing.


Character & Background Concept Art

We realize still images to define the visual style of charcters, backgrounds and color palette that will be used in the production.


We assist the production process from the beginning, with storyboards to visualize the shots and sequences with relative actions and camera movements.


We help client and director translating the storyboard into an animated video to establish camera movements, transitions and timings.


We provide 2D and 3D animation based on the project needs, using the latest softwares and workflows.

Compositing & FX

We assemble the animation through compositing softwares, adding 2D or 3D effects to enphatise the action.

Editing & Finishing

We provide editorial support through all the production process, including final grading and mastering.


Concept Art: realization of still images to define the visual style of the the animation.

Character Design: developing the character features, style and colors through progressively more refined drawings.

Background Design: study of the backgrounds for the animations, from the look to the storytelling and interactions with the characters.

Storyboard: the first step to study and prepare for the realization of every shot and sequence, particularly needed for difficult actions or complex camera movements.

Animatic: translating the storyboard into an animated video to establish camera movements, transitions and timings.

RnD: research and development of methods and techniques to use for reaching the desired quality on specific effects, optimizing the workflow and avoiding waste of time and resources.

Look Dev: transposition of the concepts into 2D or 3D animation softwares, to achieve the effect that will be applied in the following stages of the process.

Modelling / Texturing: based on the concepts it is possible to start modelling and texturing props, environment and characters.

Rigging: creation of rig systems for assets and characters.

Animation: animation of characters, assets and cameras, depending on the needs of each shot and based on the previz for full CG shots.

FX: simulation of particles, fluids, soft bodies and rigid bodies to recreate realistic and fantastic effects, like smokes, explosions, water and magic.

Shading / Lighting: elaboration of materials and creation of sets of light to enable matching the original plate for elements to insert, or to generate the desired mood and feel.

Rendering: processing of the images through the best render engines for the specific needs.

Editing: service of video editing as well as creation of internal edits for VFX sequences.

Motion Graphics: design and creation of graphic animated contents to be composited into shots or to be used in edit.

Title Design: development and animation of visual opening sequences for introduction of TV shows and movies.

Compositing: combination and integration of the animated elements, resulting in the final image.

Color Grading: finalization of shots and sequences through digital intermediate techniques and color grading, to achieve the final desired look and the continuity within the sequence.

Sound Design / Soundtracks: service of adding and creating sound effects and musics to the edit or to specific shots.

CineSync / Reviews: planning scheduled meetings and targets to allow the project to run smoothly with all necessary iterations.

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