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Alps Studios is based in Turin, Italy.

We focus on providing high quality services for the audio-visual entertainment industry, from Animation to Production, R&D and Learning, specialising in Visual Effects.

We provide a full array of services from Pre-Production to Post-Production, working on Feature Films, TV Series, Commercials, Music Videos and Corporate Videos.

Being involved in the Pre-Production phase of a project, through Concepts and Previs, helps streamline the shooting or production process. For Production and Post-Production we use innovative workflows and pipeline and we constantly research new technologies and software solutions to optimise the final result.

Thanks to our structure based on company divisions, we have very specialized teams in the areas that we work on, so we can always find the best solution and approach for each project.

Our goal is to realize projects that both astonish and entertain. We have done our job well when the audience is amazed by what they are seeing, without thinking that it was made with the most innovative techniques.

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The first step to study and prepare any project, analazying and planning every shot and sequence, with the help of Concept Art, Storyboard, Animatic and Previs.

Executive Production

We can plan and organize the Production of various kind of projects, from Location Scout, to Transport, Set Facilities and Equipment.


With our network of partners we help each project to get to final, with Color Grading, DI, Sountrack and Sound FX.

Visual Effects

We provide a variety of high end VFX, including Concept, Compositing, FX, Environments, Matte Painting, Characters, Lighting and Rendering.

Concept / Previs / Postviz

We help define the visual style of the effects that will be needed in the project, translating ideas into an animated 3D graphics video or a photorealistic still image.

On-Set Supervision

Assistance and counseling during the shooting for all the shots that will require Post-Production, to maximize the results and avoid issues, including Lidar Scan and Photogrammetry.

Storyboard / Animatic

The first steps to study and prepare for every shot and sequence, starting from drawings to an animated video to establish camera movements, transitions and timings.

2D animation

Animation of characters, assets, backgrounds and cameras, using 2D techniques and softwares, with the addition of parallax and effects.

3D animation

Animating in 3D space all the elements that will create the shot, both in a realistic or cartoon result, with a focus on camera movements.


We provide courses for schools and companies, that can vary from a specific topic to a longer and more complete study program.


We create project based classes, following the students in the learning process and making sure that everyone gets the desired results.

Tutoring / Mentoring

Helping and assisting students and professionals, both in teams and individually to achieve goals or improve their professional knowledge.


Research and development of methods and techniques to use for reaching the desired quality on specific effects, optimizing the workflow and avoiding waste of time and resources.


Providing analysis and support in finding the best solutions to approach a project or technique for studios and professionals.

Pipeline / Tools

Creation and implementation of tools, plugins, pipeline and workflow addons to optimize the creative and technical process for each different project.

alps studios


ToFilm Group

International Production Service Team

Imago VFX

Color Grading & Digital Lab

Ad Hoc 3D Solutions

Lidar Scan & Photogrammetry

Marco Robino

Soundtrack & Music Composer